Specialty Courses

Boat Diving The ocean is filled with dive sites, but many of them cannot be reached from shore. This program gives you the skills and knowledge required to safely dive from a boat, allowing you to get the most from your underwater opportunities. Find Out More

Perfect Buoyancy Do you want to increase your buoyancy control, minimize your breathing gas consumption, or move effortlessly above the ocean floor? The SSI Perfect Buoyancy program teaches you the skills and techniques needed to maximize your dive experience, increase your comfort in the water, and get the most from your equipment. Find Out More

Computer Diving Modern-day divers use a dive computer to get the most out of their bottom time and surface intervals. The SSI Computer Diving program focuses on the proper use and maintenance of your diving computer Find Out More

Deep Diving Many exciting dive sites are located in deeper water. Deeper diving can put you at greater risk. The SSI Deep Diving Specialty will give you the ability to safely and comfortably plan and conduct dives beyond 60 feet, and is a prerequisite for some advanced training. Find Out More

Equipment Techniques Your life support equipment is your vehicle into the underwater world. The Equipment Techniques class teaches you how to choose, maintain, and store your Total Diving System to ensure the best performance and longevity of your equipment. Find Out More

React Right First Aid CPR O2 AED React Right is SSI's emergency training program, consisting of the following basic components: Primary Assessment, First Aid & CPR Skills, Primary Stabilization Techniques, and includes two optional components: Oxygen Administration in Diving Emergencies and Automated External Defibrilation Basics. Find Out More

Underwater Photography Learn how to make your pictures match your memories! This class will teach you the basics of composition and lighting for the best digital underwater photography. You'll also learn how to protect and care for your cameras, housings, and strobes. Find Out More

Underwater Navigation This program provides the skills and concepts required to safely and comfortably navigate underwater during a dive. You will learn how to use a compass and natural navigation techniques, estimate distance, basic navigation patterns and how to leave and return to a designated point. Find Out More

Night and Limited Visibility This program provides the skills and concepts required to safely and comfortably dive at night and in other limited visibility conditions. Some of the ocean's most amazing creatures only come out at night, so your dive doesn't have to end when the sun goes down. You will learn how to enter and exit the water, u... Find Out More

Enriched Air Nitrox (40%) Learn the ins and outs of tuning your gas to provide you with the safest most comfortable dive experience. Lower the nitrogen load you experience on every dive and feel better at the end of the day. One night class approximately 3 hours dry. No water work or open water dives required. Find Out More

Science of Diving This program provides an in-depth and detailed study of physics, physiology, decompression theory, the aquatic environment, and diving equipment. It is required training for most SSI Dive Professional programs, as well as some Extended Range programs Find Out More

Search and Recovery This program provides the skills and concepts required to safely plan and conduct search and recovery dives. You will learn about search patterns, specialized dive plans, underwater communication, and how to recover small to medium-sized objects using specialized equipment like lift bags. Find Out More

Diver Stress and Rescue Stress is a major cause of diving accidents and negatively impacts rescue situations. This program teaches you the skills and knowledge required to recognize and deal with stress, prevent accidents and properly deal with emergency situations encountered by divers. Find Out More

Wreck Diving Many of the ocean's best dive sites have artificial reefs, or wrecks, that have been sunk by misfortune or on purpose to create habitat. This program gives you the skills and knowledge required to safely scuba dive above and around these underwater treasures. Find Out More

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